Demolition Program

Photo: DemolitionThe Urban Renewal Agency would pay for demolition costs, based on the availability of funds, as follows:

  1. Property must be located within the Urban Renewal District.
  2. Property owner must agree to construct new building(s) with a minimum building permit value of three times the value of the property being demolished, unless the Urban Renewal Commission authorizes a lesser amount.
  3. Property owner must rebuild within 18 months of the completion of demolition or pay the agency twice the amount of demolition costs.  The minimum requirements to meet this condition are the issuance of a city building permit and the selection of the contractor by the property owner. Construction must be complete within 24 months unless an extension is granted by the Development Commission.
  4. Property Owner has all utilities disconnected from the property.
  5. If fuel tanks are located on the property, the property owner agrees to pay the cost of removal.  The Urban Renewal Agency accepts no liability for fuel tanks.
  6. Entities that do not pay the full property tax rate are not eligible.

Demolition costs shall include the cost of asbestos removal, up to 20% of the value of the building to be demolished, the City demolition permit, and concrete or asphalt removal.

The program is for total demolition and not designed for interior or partial demolition for remodeling a building.

For more information, contact Rob Corbett at 541.966.0221.