Pendleton Development Commission

The Urban Renewal District was created by the Pendleton City Council in 2003 to:

  • Increase the vitality of Pendleton’s downtown.
  • Connect downtown to the Umatilla River.
  • Improve downtown Pendleton as a convention and tourism destination.
  • Develop a range of housing options for a mixed use downtown.
  • The District is a separate governmental unit from the City of Pendleton. The members of the city council serve as directors of the Urban Renewal District. The Urban Renewal District consists of the area south of the Umatilla River from Westgate to Highway 11 generally southerly to Frazer Avenue.
  • The Urban Renewal Agency holds its regular meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7 P.M. at the Pendleton City Hall Council Chambers.
  • For further information contact the Executive Director Robb Corbett at 541-966-0201, or send him an email.

2013-15 PDC Goals

Goal: Secure grants and loans for Urban Renewal District to leverage investments and urban renewal dollars.
Goal: Increase commercial development and housing in Urban Renewal District.
Goal: Promote Central River Quarter Projects and the River Walkway Master Plan.
Goal: Improve gateways, signage and appearance of public parking areas.
Goal: Increase community awareness of the value of PDC.

PDC Project Overview