Historical Buildings of Pendleton

All of the descriptions found on these listings come from inventory that was recorded in 1985.

Historic House Name Addresssort icon Date Constructed
King House 804 SW Court c. 1921
Dickson/Kavanaugh House 807 S Main c. 1890
McLean House 809 NW Bailey Ave 1922
McCloud - Best House 811 SE Goodwin Ave c. 1900
Holdman House 812 SE Byers Ave 1928
Howland House 815 SE Court St 1905-1910
Cohen House 9 NE Ellis 1899-1902
Shine-City Auto Reconditioning 904 SW Court Avenue c. 1935
Peringer House 916 SE Byers Avenue 1896-1903 (1897)
Blakely House 920 SE Byers 1903-1905
Ferguson House 921 SE Byers 1903
James/Robinson House Hwy 11, Riverside 1909/1926
Round Up Grounds N side of Court Ave between SW 11th & SW 14th 1911 (1940)
Roy Raley Park NW Corner of SW 10th Street & Court Avenue 1912
First Public School Landmark SE 4th
Lee Street Bridge SE 8th St. crossing of the Umatilla River 1909
Swaggart Cellar SE Corner of SW 3rd & Hailey 1905-1910
Millrace Bridge SE Court Place 1914
Star Street Bridge SW 10th Street Crossing of the Umatilla River 1913
Dunlap Shed SW 15th Street c. 1905
Oregon Trail Landmark U.S. Highway 30
Swift & Martin Station Historical Marker West Hwy 30 1960-1970
Eastern Oregon State Hospital and Training Center West Hwy 30 1909