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Transient Room Tax Form
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Transient Room Tax

Hotels operating within the city limits of Pendleton are required to obtain a business license and pay the annual business license tax, prior to starting a business. Please see the business license section of this page for more information.

Hotels are required to collect a Transient Room Tax (TRT) and a Tourism Promotion Assessment Charge (TPAC) from patrons. The TRT rate for the City of Pendleton is 8% and the TPAC rate is $1.50 per night per paid room of occupancy and $0.50 per night per paid space for mobile home or trailer park spaces. The TRT and TPAC tax is collected by all hoteliers located within Pendleton City limits and is due to the City within 30 days following the close of each calendar quarter.

Transient Room Tax forms are mailed out quarterly to the current hoteliers on file. You may also obtain transient room tax forms at city hall or by downloading the transient room tax form in PDF format.

Fuel Tax

Currently in City of Pendleton there's no City fuel tax.  There's currently a proposal to the voters on gas tax for the City of Pendleton for use on street preservation.