Non-Owner Occupied Resources


Question: I live in an apartment that I don’t own. Am I still eligible for weatherization incentives?

Answer: YES! Energy Trust offers incentives for all types of housing. Just be aware that as a renter, you will have to work with your structure’s owner to receive services and incentives.

If you are a renter, click here.
If you live in or manage apartments, click here.
If you live in or rent out a mobile home, click here.


Mobile Homes Special Offer!

If you live in a moble home, you qualify for FREE weatherization measures, courtesy of Energry Trust. Here’s what you have to do:

1.  Contact Dorthy Manley at Scott’s Heating and Air Conditioning in La Grande: 541-963-4316

2.  Ask to participate in Energy Trust’s no-cost mobile home weatherization program.

3.  Schedule a time for the folks at Scott’s to come evaluate your mobile home and perform sealing work!

4.  Decide whether or not to implement other recommended energy-saving measures. This brochure lists all incentives available for mobile homes.