Planning Department

The City of Pendleton Planning Department provides assistance with land use and related issues to citizens, current and prospective businesses, and other government agencies. Planning Department staff administers the Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances, the Sign Code, Annexations, and many other issues related to land use. Planning Department staff provides support to the Planning Commission and City Council.

Unified Development Code - November 26, 2014 Final Draft for adoption by City Council on December 16, 2014

Planning Staff

Photo: Evan MacKenzie

Evan MacKenzie

Senior Planner

(541) 966-0261

Photo: Tim Simons

Tim Simons

Director of Community Development

(541) 966-0242

What We Do: An overview.

Planning Commission Agendas and Staff Reports

Meeting Minutes and Agendas Image: Hyperlink

The Planning Commission meets the first and third Thursday of every month. Meetings may be canceled if there is nothing on the agenda. Meetings are NOT canceled due to inclement weather unless City Hall is closed.

UNIFIED DEVELOPMENT CODE - click on Staff Reports link for all materials

City staff is working to consolidate all development-related ordinances into a single Unified Development Code. This will result in repeal of the existing Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances, and a few others, and creation of a single document with a single set of definitions and procedures. Some other amendments are also being considered, but none that will take away a property right that anyone has currently. The draft is still a work in progress. Please disregard inconsistencies in the numbering.

2015 Planning Commission schedule and deadlines


Application Forms and Fees

Application forms for all common land use actions and helpful information for testifying at a public hearing.

PLEASE NOTE: Land Use application fees increased on January 1, 2014

Application Flow Chart

Application Timeline

Periodic Review of the Pendleton Comprehensive Plan

The City of Pendleton is updating our Comprehensive Plan for consistency with State law and current conditions, and planning for the next 20 years. If you got a notice in the mail about proposed changes to the Comprehensive Plan, all of the information is here.


Ordinances and Maps

Zoning Maps, Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances, and other development-related ordinances.

Floodplain Development Ordinance

The floodplain ordinance was adopted by City Council on August 3, 2010. If your property is mapped as in an area subject to flood hazards, please read the "Frequently Asked Questions" document linked here.

Planning Commission Materials

Planning Commissioner Training Materials, the Public Hearing Process, Hints for providing testimony at a public hearing.

Historic Preservation

Historic Resource Inventory Excel spreadsheet of all historic resources on Pendleton, State and National lists. The full 1985 inventory is available for public viewing in the Planning Department office.

Historical Buildings of Pendleton - Online version of our spreadsheet.

Ordinance No. 3839, adopting new Historic Preservation regulatory language.

Ordinance 3839 Exhibit B New Historic Preservation standards

Ordinance 3839 Exhibit C Staff report to City Council

Other Useful Stuff

Exit 209 (Southgate) Interchange Area Master Plan (IAMP)

River Quarter Plan Form-Based Code overlay along the Umatilla River between S. Main and SW 10th Street.

Pendleton Downtown Plan

Report of the Pendleton Planning Commission 1923: Almost 100 years old and still relevant.

Pendleton Housing Solutions Project

Downtown Pendleton Studies  Includes a number of studies showing strategies that may help to improve our downtown.

Downtown Planning Resources

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