Zoning Ordinance (No. 3250) - current through Ordinance No. 3846, passed March 4, 2014.

City Zoning map (Created by Umatilla County GIS - May 30, 2013)

City Zoning Map March 2012- This is a large file. Please see the sub area maps below for easier downloading.

Subdivision and Partition Ordinance No. 3251- Standards for all land divisions

Sign Ordinance No. 2775

Ordinance 3810 - sidewalk signs in the C-1 zone

Transportation System Plan 
2007 TSP Update- Long Range Projects 
2007 TSP Update- Proposed Bike Facilities 
2007 TSP Update- Proposed Pedestrian Facilities 
2007 TSP Update- Proposed Roadways 
2007 TSP Update- Code and Policy amendments

Residential Care Facilities  City and State standards and requirements regarding residential care facilities.