Planning Commission Staff Reports

Planning Commission Sign-In Sheet- If you wish to testify at a public hearing, you must complete and turn in this sheet in order to be recognized. Please print clearly, as this sheet is used to provide you with a Notice of Decision.

How to Testify at a Land Use Hearing- Helpful hints for providing effective, relevant testimony.


AMD13-04 (City of Pendleton): Repeal of existing ordinances, and creation of a single Unified Development Code (Ordinance No. 3485) for development-related standards and criteria.

The Planning Commission began their review of the UDC in December of 2013. Public Notice was given in the Eastern Oregonian prior to each of the twelve meetings, and copies of the agenda and working draft were provided to the EO a week in advance of each hearing. The EO did not send a reporter to any of the hearings to cover the process or ask questions.

The UDC consolidates all existing ordinances into a single document; it does not place further restrictions on property rights than any of the existing ordinances. In some instances, it actually relaxes development standards.

The Planning Commission approved a motion to send the UDC forward to the City Council on October 16, 2014.  It will be placed on the City Council agenda for first reading on November 4 (no testimony), with second reading and consideration (including public testimony) on November 18.

Final Draft of Unified Development Code, for presentation to City Council for adoption.

DRAFT staff report to City Council

DRAFT adopting Ordinance No. 3485

Staff report to Planning Commission 2014-10-09

PC Minutes 2014-10-02

DRAFT Ordinance No. 3485, adopting the UDC 2014-09-30

DRAFT Staff report to City Council for final adoption 2014-09-30

Supplemental staff report to PC with findings, 2014-10-02

Staff report to Planning Commission 2014-09-09

FINAL Draft of the Unified Development Code 2014-09-10 (word)

FINAL Draft of the Unified Development Code 2014-09-10 (pdf)

PC Minutes 2014-09-04

UDC Working Draft 2014-08-28 Final Draft

Staff Report to PC 2014-08-28 Final Draft

PC Minutes 2014-08-21

UDC Working Draft 2014-08-14 Article 10

Staff Report to PC 2014-08-14 Article 10

PC Minutes 2014-07-17

UDC Working Draft 2014-07-10 Articles 13-16

Staff Report to PC 2014-07-10 Articles 13-16

PC Minutes 2014-06-05

UDC Working Draft 2014-05-29 Articles 13 and 14

Staff Report to PC 2014-05-29 Articles 13 and 14

PC Minutes 2014-05-15

UDC Working Draft 2014-05-08 Articles 11 and 12

Staff Report to PC 2014-05-08 Articles 11 and 12

PC Minutes 2014-05-01

UDC Working Draft 2014-03-27 Article 9

Staff Report to PC 2014-03-27 Article 9

PC Minutes 2014-03-20

UDC Working Draft 2014-03-13 Articles 7 and 8

Staff Report to PC 2014-03-13 Articles 7 and 8

PC Minutes 2014-03-06 (UDC discussion delayed from Feb 20)

UDC Working Draft 2014-01-29 Articles 7 and 8

Staff Report to PC 2014-01-29 Articles 7 and 8

PC Minutes 2014-01-16

UDC Working Draft 2014-01-09 amendments to Articles 1-6

Staff Report to PC 2014-01-09 Articles 1-6

PC Minutes 2014-01-02

UDC Working Draft 2013-12-26

Staff Report to PC 2013-12-26

PC Minutes 2013-12-19

UDC Working Draft to PC 2013-12-04

Staff Report to PC 2013-12-12

UDC Working Draft 1 2012-05-25 - all ordinances in a single document

DLCD Notice of Proposed Amendment

Press Release to local media 11-18-2013