News & Announcements

Release Date
Lifesaving Technology Demonstration 03/21/2016
Meeting Cancelled 03/08/2016
Coffee With The City 03/07/2016
Fire Department Employees Sworn in 03/02/2016
Mayor Attends Benefit for Minamisoma 02/23/2016
Hazardous Waste Collection Event 02/18/2016
Paul Chalmers appointed to City Council 02/18/2016
Transforming Downtown 02/09/2016
Notes from the Council Chambers 02/08/2016
Transportation Plan Update Open House 02/04/2016
Street Utility Fee Lists 01/29/2016
Vacancies on City Council 01/15/2016
We Invite you to Participate in our Wood Stove Utilization Questionnaire 01/04/2016
Oregon Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Open House 12/23/2015
RFQ Award for Hazard Remediation Consultant 02/22/2016
Facade Committee Openings 12/10/2015
Sister Exchange Program 12/01/2015
Thanksgiving 11/24/2015
Street Fee 11/23/2015
Air Quality Commission Meeting 11/23/2015
8th Street Bridge Presentation 11/20/2015
Honoring our Veterans 11/10/2015
Public Works Director Honored 11/09/2015
Transit Survey 11/06/2015
Solar Incentive Program 11/03/2015
Coffee With The City 10/27/2015
Fire Chief Sworn In 10/22/2015
Celebrating Japanese Connection 10/21/2015
Pendleton Air Quality Commission 10/19/2015
Paved Residential Streets: Additional Funding Alternatives 10/13/2015
Grant for Wheelchair Charging Stations 10/07/2015
Updating the Pedestrian, Bicycle and Transit elements of the Transportation System Plan 09/11/2015
City Council Adopted the Master Plans for Water, Sewer & Storm Systems 09/03/2015
Kudos to City Council 08/26/2015