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Tips for Viewing and Searching

  • Choose one of the four links for resolutions, agendas, minutes, or ordinances. It will open a new screen with all of the search results meeting that document type (if you chose minutes, it will return all of the meeting minutes in the system).
  • If there are more than 500 docs total meeting the doc type criteria, you will have multiple pages to look through. You use the “next” and “previous” buttons on the top, middle section of your screen to navigate through the pages of documents.
  • To complete a specific search, hit the “search criteria” button on the top left side of the screen. The window will change to list out all of the indexes in that project. You can fill in a date range, a specific date, or whatever criteria you have to find the doc you’re looking for.
      • When entering dates, have a “from” and “to” date filled in. Even if you are only looking for one days of documents. Ex. 1/1/2008 to 1/1/2008. Or you can do a range of docs. Ex. 1/1/2008 to 12/30/2008.
      • Not all of the criteria has to be filled out. You can define as many or as less indexes as you’d like.
      • Leave the ‘project search options’ section as default. None of that should have to be changed.
      • The ‘full text search criteria’ section allows you to fill in a word or phrase from a doc you are looking for. It will return all docs with that word or phrase defined in.
      • Hit “search” when you have your criteria filled in and the system will return all docs meeting the criteria defined. 
  • Double click on docs to open them up.
      • You can navigate through pages using the white buttons with blue arrows on them. In the section named “page navigation”.
      • If doing a full text search, the word/phrase defined will not be highlighted. To find where in the doc your word/phrase is, you have to open the “edit” menu. This option will be found at the top left of the screen when you have the doc open.
        • Within the “manage” section there will be an “FT Results” button. When you push the “FT Results” button another window will open up giving you the full text results.
        • If you double click on the result, the system will jump you to the page it found the word/phrase on.
  • When finished looking at the doc, you can close out of the doc viewer window.