Streets Division

Streets Division provides for cleaning and maintenance of about 70 miles of streets, cleaning of about 5 miles of county roads, and cleaning of about 17 miles of state highway located with city jurisdiction.  Division also cleans and maintains the city’s sanitary sewer collection system and storm drainage system.  In inclement weather, Division provides necessary services to keep the streets, public stairways, parking lots, bridges, and public sidewalks passable.  Division also pays the $185,000 annual electric bill for all costs associated for street light netw

Construction & Repair Division

Admin/C&R Division provides staffing for the management and operation of the Public Works Department, along with maintenance and replacement of water distribution, sewer collection, and storm drainage system infrastructure.  Division also provides maintenance and replacement of fleet equipment for Public Works Department and other city departments. 

Back-In Angle Parking

Back-in angle parking is a safer type of angle parking that the City of Pendleton and Oregon Department of Transportation are implementing along sections of Court and Dorion Avenues as part of the street improvements in 2010.

It will be implemented along the half-block section of Dorion Avenue between Main Street and SE 1st Street and on Court Avenue between SE 4th Street and Main Street.

For more information, please view the following:

Back-In Angle Parking Flyer