Planning Commission Meeting

Event Date: 
Thursday, Aug 16, 2012
Event Time: 
7:00 PM

At City Hall Council Chambers.

River Quarter Plan

Form-Based Code Primer (Wikipedia)- What form-based codes are and how they work to create a desired environment.

River Parkway/Court Avenue Enhancements- "The Greenworks Study" of improvements to Court Avenue.

Planning Commission Materials

The information provided in this link is primarily for Planning Commission (member) use and training, but it may be helpful for any community member.

The general public is discouraged from contacting Planning Commissioners directly regarding any item scheduled for a public hearing. 

All information relating to a Planning Commission agenda item should be forwarded to Planning Department staff, who will then forward it to all Commission members.

Pendleton Housing Solutions Project

Pendleton Housing Solutions Project- Potential sites for residential development within the Pendleton UGB that are not constrained by slope or shallow soils.

Downtown Pendleton Studies

2008 River Parkway/SW Court Avenue Enhancements (Greenworks)

2009 Pendleton TGM Workshop Final Report- Final report and recommendations from the 2009 Downtown Workshop

Pendleton Downtown Plan

We need your help to ensure that downtown Pendleton continues to thrive!

The City of Pendleton has received a grant to help us organize all of the previous studies done in downtown Pendleton into a comprehensive plan for our future and policies to implement those goals.


Comprehensive Plan map

Zoning map current as of April, 2015

Unified Development Code

Contains all development regulations, including land divisions and annexations

Floodplain Development Ordinance

The City of Pendleton is required by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to adopt an ordinance regulating development within flood hazard areas. According to the most recent maps, more than 400 individual properties within the City of Pendleton are in flood hazard areas. Many (although not all) property owners will be required to obtain flood insurance, even if there is no record of a flood on the property. The development standards limit development within flood hazard areas, including material stored outside.

Planning Commission Staff Reports

How to Testify at a Land Use Hearing- Helpful hints for providing effective, relevant testimony.

Application Forms & Fees

2015 Planning Commission schedule and deadlines

Fee Schedule

Application fees will increase by 10% on January 1, 2015, 2016 and 2017.