Regional Airport

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The Eastern Oregon Regional Airport at Pendleton is a commercial service airport providing scheduled air carrier, general aviation, and unmanned aviation services.  It is the only scheduled air carrier airport in northeast Oregon and one of few FAA drone test ranges in the United States.  The Airport is owned and operated by the City of Pendleton.

The airport opened in 1934.  During World War II the Airport was used as a training base for military pilots and significantly expanded in size, acquiring much of the property that comprises the Airport today.  The airport was the training grounds for the famous Doolittle Raiders. 

The existing airport terminal building was constructed in 1953.  The airfield has two conventional runways; 6,300 ft. and 5,581 ft. in length.

Scheduled passenger service at the airport was established in 1934 by United Airlines, which flew tri-engine, 10 passenger aircraft between Pendleton and Portland.  By the mid-1970’s, scheduled passenger service had expanded to three arrivals and departures per day.  Currently the Airport is served by Boutique Airlines and has 6 daily flights between Pendleton and Portland.  Passengers fly on a Pilatus PC-12, 10-seat airplane which feature leather seats, power outlets and an enclosed lavatory.

The Pendleton Unmanned Aviation Systems (UAS) Test Range is a part of the Pan-Pacific UAS Test Range Complex sponsored by the University of Alaska Fairbanks.  The range provides a dedicated 2,800-foot UAS airstrip, a fully operational flight command center and a full-service UAS operating area with power, water, and dark fiber connections.  The range extends over 14,000 square miles: North to the Columbia River; east over the Blue Mountains and Umatilla National Forest; south into the Elkhorn Mountains; and West outlining the borders of Restricted Area 5701.