Notes from the Council Chambers

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Council Meeting July 19

Model Air Park

Council approved a request by a local flying club to place an air park at Grecian Heights.  The group is currently flying in community park.  As interest grows, there is a greater need to provide space inside the City.  The group met with staff and we identified this as the best possible location.


Council adopted ordinances that placed three questions on the ballot; 1. Do the citizens want to allow recreational marijuana to be sold in the city?  2.  Do the citizens want to allow dispensaries in the City?  And 3. If both 1 and 2 pass, do the citizens want to levy a 3% tax on the sale inside the City?

A majority of voters in the City voted not to legalization of recreation marijuana.  Because of that, we were allowed to enact the bans that are currently in place.  Because of pressure from the public, and the unknown amount of revenue that may be realized, the Council chose to place these questions on the ballot this coming November.

Housing Study

The Council adopted an update to the Housing Study.  This document was originally completed in 2011 and describes the current housing situation in Pendleton.  This document was important in our work to find a developer of the property adjacent to the cemetery.  There are currently 16 duplexes at this site, and the developer is planning to build 100 apartments.

In my opinion, the residents of our community have suffered from a lack of housing choices and a lack economic growth associated with housing.  We need to continue to find ways to make Pendleton an attractive place to build.  One of our challenge is that a home built in Pendleton costs as much as a home built in the valley, yet it can be sold in the valley for significantly more money.  Coming out of the housing crisis, there are fewer home builders and they are congregated in the higher priced markets.

Fire Station

Council approved funding to update design and cost estimates which are a year old.  The Hospital has agreed to give us an option to purchase the land if the voters pass a bond for a price set by an appraisal.


Council Meeting August 2

Excavation Ordinance

Council approved updates to the ordinance to remove outdated rules and to remove fees from the ordinance.  We want all of our fees set by resolution as a resolution can be adopted and become effective after an affirmative vote of the Council.  An ordinance is required to be on a Council agenda for a first reading, then the next meeting, a second reading and public hearing.  Then, upon an affirmative vote, is enacted 30 days after the vote.  We want to act much quicker on fees when it can be shown that a change in the fee is appropriate.

Reconditioning Pool Slides

We are attempting to be much more active in maintaining our assets.  This project will add years to the life of our pool slides, and was long overdue. 

LED Lighting Upgrade

Council approved an LED lighting project at the Resource Recovery Facility (formerly the Wastewater Treatment Plant) which has a payback of less than 4 years in the form of reduced electric bills. 

It is important that we continue to find ways like this to reduce our costs.


Robb Corbett, City Manager