Lifesaving Technology Demonstration

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With the lights to the City Council Chambers turned off, Fire Chief Mike Ciraulo demonstrated to the City Council how their Forward Looking Infrared (also known as FLIR) Thermal Imaging Cameras (TICs) can be used to locate people in smoke-filled buildings, outside in the darkness, and other low-visibility conditions.  It can be extremely useful for finding children who are hiding, as they sometimes do in dangerous or frightening conditions, or people who are unconscious and cannot call out for help.

With the assistance of Captain Dave Baty, and Firefighter/Paramedic Jeremy Keene, the Chief demonstrated how the cameras will illuminate heat-producing objects, including light fixtures, overheated electrical outlets, or even a hand print on the wall left behind after the person has moved away.  He said it will let you see a fire behind a wall before it becomes visible.

Chief Ciraulo said he knows from his own experience the value of this technology, and the City is fortunate to have these cameras.