RFQ Award for Hazard Remediation Consultant

Release Date: 

Following the process of qualified proposal selection for a hazardous material remediation project at the Eastern Oregon Regional Airport, City staff will be recommending City Council award the project to Cascadia Associates, LLC at their meeting on March 15, 2016.

Qualification Based Requests for Bid Proposal - Consultant Services Hazardous Material Site Remediation

Site Information:

1517 NW 50thDr.
Pendleton, OR 97801
(Eastern Oregon Regional Airport)
Lat/Long: 45.6860278/-118.846875
Reference Point: Center of Site
Horizontal Collection Method: Global Position System
Horizontal Reference Datum: WGS84
LegalDesc.: T2N, R32E, Sec 5
Parcel No.: 100B6
Size: 0.33 acre

General Information

A site visit by proposer is encouraged. A guided visit may be scheduled during the week of January 4-8, 2016 with Wayne Green, Airport Engineer, 541-966-0243.

Site History and Introduction

The City of Pendleton invites proposals for Environmental Consulting Services related to the remediation of a brownfield industrial site at the Eastern Oregon Regional Airport at Pendleton, Oregon.

The site contained a building that was constructed by the US military in the early 1940s and burned in 2011, leaving a deteriorating concrete slab on a .33 acre site. The building had been used for chemical storage and formulating, including pesticides, for the last approximately 50 years. Considerable anecdotal information has been disseminated as to chemical spills and releases at the site, which may or may not be reliable.

Pursuant to an EPA grant, Ecology and Environment, Inc. conducted field sampling of the site in May of 2013. Several types of contaminants were detected in the sampling, which are detailed in the Hart/Springbok Pest Control Site Targeted Brownfields Assessment report of January 2014 and supplemental report of September 2014. Those reports are available to proposers via the this website link (click here).

The DEQ Project number for this site is 5019.

Project Phase I work will include:

  • Evaluation of the site and existing documentation for the purpose of generating a remediation approach (which should contain alternative approached based upon cost) that can support a grant application for funding for the consultant services portion of the remediation

Phase II work will include:

  • Assisting City in refinement of remediation plan and in procurements of grant assistance for the remediation

Phase III work will include:

  • Project management of remediation activity

Phase IV will include:

  • Finalization and obtaining approval by relevant agencies of the completed remediation

The City of Pendleton desires to secure a consultant to oversee this remediation project by February 15, 2016. Proposals must include an estimate for the services involved in Phase 1. Interviews of Proposers may be done in late January or early February, 2016, if determined necessary by city staff.

Instructions to Proposers

City invites all interested and qualified Proposers to provide one (1) original and three (3) copies of the signed Proposal.

Proposal and copies must be received at the City Attorney’s office no later than 4:00 pm on Friday January 15, 2016. Proposals shall be addressed as follows:

Airport Site Remediation Consultant Proposal
City of Pendleton
Attn: Nancy Kerns, City Attorney
500 SW Dorion Avenue
Pendleton, OR 97801

For more information, contact Wayne Green, Airport Engineer, at (541) 966-0243.

Proposal Contents

The Proposal shall be prepared and presented using the following outline:

  • Letter of Transmittal
  • Project Understanding and Approach
  • Remediation Approach with Cost Estimates plus an Alternate Approach
  • Experience and References
  • Proposed Project Schedule
  • Project Team Resumes
  • Proposed Fee Schedule (include in a separate envelope)

Proposals should include, at a minimum, the following information:

1) Transmittal letter:

  • Company name and brief description of technical expertise and professional experience relevant to this project.
  • Address and phone number of the office from which the project will be managed.
  • Name of Project Administrator/Manager.

2) Understanding and Approach:

  • Provide a brief description of your firm’s understanding of the effort needed to perform the requirements of the scope of work and why your firm should be selected.
  • Include a discussion of the methodology you would employ to complete the work in a timely manner.
  • If appropriate, include suggested revisions for the scope of work, associated impacts to the project, and the rationale for your suggestions.

3) Remediation Approach:

  • Provide recommended remediation approach with cost estimate and an alternative approach.

4) Experience and References:

  • Include a brief description of past relevant work experience along with relevant reference contacts.
  • Provide the name and professional credentials of each individual who will be involved in the project.Describe their specific assignments.
  • Provide a brief description of how the project will be managed.
  • Provide descriptions of at least 3 similar projects conducted by the project personnel within the last 5 years and related references.Include name of contacts and their respective phone numbers.

5) Project Schedule:

  • Provide a timeline for the course and completion of the proposed project.

6) Resumes:

  • Provide resumes for each project member.

7) Fee Schedule:

  • Provide a Not-to-Exceed (NTE) cost for completing each task outlined in the Introduction:
  • Provide the fee schedule in a separate envelope, clearly labeled “Proposed Fee Schedule.”

Proposal Selection Criteria

The City of Pendleton may select a Proposer to complete this work based on the Proposals and any other criteria deemed necessary by the City. Interviews may be requested after receipt of the Proposals in order to make the final selection. The City reserves sole discretion to select more than one Proposer for an interview.

The City will evaluate and weigh the proposals based on the following criteria:

20%: Technical Competence of the Proposer and their experience related to the complexity of this project.
20%: Project Understanding and Approach will be evaluated as it relates to the Proposer’s understanding of the City’s project goals and objectives. The Proposer shall provide a brief description of the project, its related issues, and convey how the Proposer expects to perform the work.
20%: Remediation Approach
15%: Project Team experience and capabilities related to this project. City shall evaluate each project team member’s experience and capabilities.
15%: Schedule. The City will evaluate the Proposer’s capacity to perform the work, including any specialized services, within the time limitation considering presented by the City and the Proposer’s planned and current workload. The Proposer shall demonstrate an understanding of the project and project constraints through presentation of their proposed project schedule.
10%: Fee. The City will evaluate the proposed total engineering fee and the engineering fee compared to the proposed level of effort and scope of proposed services. Other proposed cost savings considerations will also be evaluated.