Paved Residential Streets: Additional Funding Alternatives

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City has received approval from the Secretary of State’s office for its November 2015 Ballot Information Brochure and Budget & Streets Funding Presentation in regards to a 5¢ per gallon local motor vehicle fuel tax.

This information was developed to provide background information to assist with community discussion and consideration for the November 2015 ballot.

City Council has approved a $5 per month street utility fee and is expected to enact the fee in the near future.  This fee is expected to raise about $481,000 per year.  City Council has also placed a 5¢/gallon local motor vehicle fuel tax question on the November 3, 2015 ballot.  This local fuel tax is expected to raise about $550,000 per year.  An average motorist uses about 372 gallons of fuel per year and would pay less than $1.60 per month.  A motorist whose car gets 20 miles per gallon and travels 10,000 miles per year would pay about $2.08 per month.
City Council has also adopted a running 2-year list of paved residential streets to receive future preservation, restoration, and reconstruction.  These lists will updated and adopted as part of the city’s budget process on an annual basis.  70% of the revenue will be dedicated to residential streets in good condition to keep them in good condition.  30% of the revenue will be dedicated to worst case residential streets to improve them to good condition.

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