Updating the Pedestrian, Bicycle and Transit elements of the Transportation System Plan

Release Date: 

Do you walk or ride a bike in Pendleton?  Do you use transit in Pendleton?

If you do, or you would like to, or if you have ideas for improvement, we want your comments

Click here to view an interactive map and/or provide comments online. 

The City of Pendleton particularly wants to know if :

  • There are places in town that make it uncomfortable or unsafe to walk or ride bikes, especially for children;
  • There are places in town that deter you from walking or riding (such as no sidewalks or bicycle lanes);
  • Improvements we could make that might make you (or your children) more likely to walk or ride;
  • You would like to see more off-street paths in Pendleton.

You can also send us an email at walkandbike@ci.pendleton.or.us .