Kudos to City Council

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Kudos to the Pendleton City Council for the work they’ve been doing to improve City infrastructure, and streets in particular.  For over a year they’ve been gathering information and consulting with professionals to gain a fuller understanding of the condition of the City’s infrastructure; scrutinize the funds available to address those needs; and, finally, to analyze a variety of funding options to pay for the gap between need and resources. 

The truth is that there is a gap; it’ been there for a long time; it’s growing, and it's common to municipalities virtually everywhere.  The City Council and Budget Committee struggle every year with the inadequacy of available revenue to meet the rising cost of providing services to its citizens.  However, this City Council has dedicated themselves to confronting these issues, and not, as they often refer to it, “kicking the can down the road”. 

However painful it may be to ask the citizens for more money in the form of fees, taxes, or bonds, our City Council has not shied away from its responsibilities as stewards of the public trust.

Even with the measures currently under consideration – a utility fee and a fuel tax, the anticipated revenues they would generate would not cover all of the costs needed to bring all of the City’s streets up to good condition, and then maintain them going forward.  “Though admittedly still inadequate, this City Council is grappling with this tough issue, and making the decisions that they believe are in the best interests of our City.  They're committed to taking the steps necessary to move in the direction of making the situation better.  It makes me proud to be the City Manager of this community” said City Manager Robb Corbett.