Round-Up Business Licenses

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Round-Up Business Licenses

All vendors must obtain a Round-Up business license in order to operate during the Round-Up week. There are a few exceptions listed below:

  • Non-profit corporations within the Happy Canyon and Round-Up grounds are not required to obtain a Round-Up business license.
  • Indian Village crafts show participants are not required to obtain a Round-Up business license.
  • Vendors and performers operating as a part of the Main Street Show from the Friday before Round-Up each year and ending the Sunday after Round-Up are not required to obtain a business license. The Main Street Show License, obtained by the Main Street Cowboys, operates in lieu of another business license.

An Application for a Round-Up business license may be obtained at Pendleton City Hall or by downloading the Round-Up business license packet in PDF format. Each packet consists of a Round-Up License Letter, a Round-Up License Brochure, Round-Up business license application, and a map of Round-Up vendor locations.

Please print, fill out and send back your completed form and a check for the amount of your license to:

City of Pendleton
Finance Department
500 SW Dorion Ave
Pendleton, OR 97801