Fee Schedule - System Development Charges

1. The City adopts the specific projects and costs estimates for transportation System Development Charges as outlined in the City of Pendleton methodology Report dated July 14, 1997 See Appendix A
2. Per single family dwelling unit $1,471.50
3. Per unit for multi-family Dwelling Units $967
4. Per Equivalent Length New Daily Trips for commercial and industrial buildings and manufactured home parks $154.15
5. Interest for deferred systems development fees 7½ percent per annum
6. Annualized Rate Adjustment
Each April 1 all charges shall be adjusted. The CPI-U shall be based on the percentage change in the Portland-Salem Consumer Price Index, Urban Consumers as of December of the preceding calendar year. The billing rate will be rounded to the nearest $0.05.
Lesser of 3.5% or

Res. 2546