Fee Schedule - Solid Waste Disposal

1. Wheeled Cart Containers
Thirty-Two (32) gallon (maximum 100 pounds)
$14.25 per month
  Ninety (90) gallon (maximum 250 pounds) $29.90 per month
  Replace cart lost or damaged by customer $40.65 each
  Return for pickup outside normal route $6.00 each
2. For special containers, other than the special ninety (90) gallon wheeled containers provided by the Franchisee, in addition to the collection fees:
For containers of up to 8 cubic yards
For corrugated cardboard containers

$63.00 per cubic yard per month
$12.00 per month

3. Drop box having a capacity from twenty (20) cubic yards to forty (40) cubic yards.    A demurrage charge for each day after the seventh $23.00 per delivery plus
$63.25 per ton for disposal plus $89.70 per pickup
$9.00 per day
4. For service not at street level an additional charge $0.80 per flight per week
5. Extra charge for pickup from a storage area more than 100 feet from the curb line of the street $1.50 per month
6. For any special pickup made necessary by unavailability of can or container $8.45
7. For handling a special bulk pickup $7.75 per cubic yard or fraction thereof
8. Extra Hauling by the load:
Truck and One Man
Truck and Two Men
$58.00 per hr. plus $63.25 per ton
$77.40 per hr. plus $63.25 per ton
9. Hauling solid waste from sanitary compactors: $89.70 per pickup plus
$63.25 per ton for disposal
10. Transfer Station:
Minimum charge, not compacted
$8.65 for 280 pounds or less
  Each Additional 20 Pounds $0.65 per 20 pounds
  Bulk quantities $63.25 per ton
  Brush or bulky loads $11.5 0per cubic yard
  Collection trucks serving customers exclusively outside City of Pendleton $40.25 per ton for disposal
  Appliances $9.20 each
  The City of Pendleton may deposit any solid waste except hazardous waste at the transfer station without charge. $0
11. Passenger Tires/Truck Tires:
Passenger Tires (without rims)
$3.00 per tire
  Passenger Tires (with rims) $10.00 per tire
  Truck Tires $13.00 per tire
12. Bio-Medical Waste:
Sharps containers for collection
$2.70 per quart of volume
  Minimum fee per pickup of sharps $13.35 per pickup
  Maximum fee per sharps container (5-gallon maximum size containers) $26.70 per container
  Sharps containers delivered to Pendleton Sanitary Service Office for disposal $13.35 each
  8.2 quart sharps containers for sale $6.65 each
  20-gallon disposal box, including box, liner and collection $73.25/pickup
  40-gallon disposal box, including box, liner and collection $79.95/pickup
  Spill Remediation $133.10 per hour plus supplies

Res. 1809