Fee Schedule - Sewer Rates

1. Residential (Single Family Dwelling Unit) In-City Rates Out-of-City Rates
  Each Single Family Dwelling Unit $29.70 $44.60
2. Transient (Hotels, rooming houses, motels and all other transient type of living quarters.)    
  1st Unit
Each and every unit (whether occupied or not)
3. Commercial (Light)    
  Minimum charge (1,100 cubic feet) $29.70  $44.60
  Per additional 100 cubic feet $1.65 $2.55
4. Commercial (Heavy)
(To be computed upon the amount of flow, B.O.D. and Suspended Solids introduced
into the system by the user)
  Flow (per 100 cubic feet) $0.90 $1.45
  B.O.D. (per lb.) $0.75 $1.20
  Suspended Solids (per lb.) $0.90 $1.45
5. Commercial Grey Water & RV Spaces, each unit $7.55 $11.35
6. Septic Waste and Fats, Oil, Grease (FOG)
First 500 gallons
Each additional 500 gallons, or portion thereof
7. Wastewater Treatment Plant Lab Fees    
  B.O.D. (per sample)
Fecal Coliform (per sample)
E. Coli (per sample)
Total Coliform (per sample)
Suspended Solids (per sample)
Digester (Volatile Acid and Alkalinity) (per sample
Total Solids (per sample)
Ammonia Nitrogen
8. Enterprise Zone Discount
All fee reductions shall be available over a three (3) year period after business
operations begin and shall not be more than 50% of the fees
established in this Resolution
  The City of Pendleton will discount its established fees for every full-time family
wage job generated by a new employer eligible for the enterprise zone exemption
5% per job  
  For an existing local business for every full-time family wage job generated by expansion 7.5% per job  
9. Annual Rate Adjustment
Each April 1 all Resolution charges shall be adjusted by an amount equal to the lesser of
3.5% or the year to year percentage change in the Portland-Salem Consumer Price Index,
Urban Consumers (CPI-U) as of December of the preceding calendar year. The billing rate
will be the adjusted rate rounded to the nearest $0.05.
10. Wastewater Contribution Permit, application fee $116.00  

Res. 2531, Ord. 3237