Fee Schedule - Pavement Cut

1. Permit fee
Pavement resurfacing (hot mix)
Temporary resurfacing (cold mix)
If construction starts before permit is obtained
2. Penalty for Excavating Newly Surfaced Streets
The cost of restoring the pavement surface multiplied by the factor listed:
During the first year:
During the second year
During the third year
During the fourth year
During the fifth year
Reservicing of utility lines serving existing structures

Six times
Five times
Four times
Three times

  This penalty fee shall be computed in addition to normal resurfacing charges and shall be computed from the date at which the City accepted the newly paved surface
3. Patching Fees
Based on the actual cost per ton of hot mix using the average cost per ton of hot mix meeting City standards that is derived from quotes from at least two local asphalt producers in Umatilla County. The cost per square foot charged will be based on applying the following formula:
(Cost per ton of hot mix)/6=Cost per square foot
4. To recut for repatching from cold mix to hot mix, the cost per lineal foot will be based on applying the following formula: (Cost per square foot)/2=Cost per lineal foot (actual cut length)
5. For small street cuts, a minimum charge for 50 square feet applies. For very large street cuts, the patching may be done at cost if the applicant requests.

Res. 2194