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Water Supply Update

Release Date: 

Water supply work at Well 2, located at Roy Raley Park, is underway again.  The contractor has finally received all the parts necessary to install the new pumping system.  They set up at the site Thursday morning and work is well underway.  This work should be completed in a couple days.  City staff will test and place the well back into service in the very near future.  


Round-Up Hours at City Hall

Release Date: 

The City of Pendleton would like to welcome everyone to the Pendleton Round-Up!

So that our employees may also enjoy the rodeo and events, City Hall and the Library will have "Round-Up Hours" as follows; Monday and Tuesday we will be open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Wednesday and Thursday we will be open 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.  Friday we will be closed all day.

We hope everyone has a safe and memory making Pendleton Round-Up, enjoy your week!

Taxpayers Receive Unexpected Benefit from Fire Bond Sale

Release Date: 

The City of Pendleton received higher than expected revenue from the sale of municipal bonds during the sale today. 

Use Caution When Donating Product or Money

Release Date: 

With so much widespread devastation our Country has seen in recent days, unfortunately, in the rush to provide aid, a number of scams emerged that exploit our altruistic urges.

Air Quality Alert

Release Date: 

Like much of the Pacific Northwest, the city of Pendleton is now experiencing significant smoke from the wildfires that continue to burn across the region. While there are no fires in close approximation to Pendleton, the air quality is unhealthy and we recommend that people avoid any outside activity until the air clears.

Update: Water Supply Status (Day 18)

Release Date: 

On Friday, August 18th, water supply work at Well 2 was successful in removing the blockage in the well hole, freeing the old pump (see photo 1). On Monday, August 21st, the strainer, which is basically a wound wire intake screen attached and located below the pump, was retrieved from the well hole (see photo 2). All the new pumping equipment is expected to be on-site the week of September 18th for installation. The drill rig will be leaving the site this week and returning after the 2017 Round-Up.